Annie and 9 to 5

Press Release: March 9 Auditions for “Annie” and “9 to 5”

Gesa Power House Theatre will hold auditions in March for the new Walla Walla Summer Stage Series, with two musicals scheduled for Summer 2018 (Annie and 9 to 5). Both plays will be directed by former New York director and Walla Walla native Tyson Kaup (Rocky HorrorThe Last Five YearsCabaret). All principal and ensemble roles are open.

Walla Walla auditions will be held at Gesa Power House Theatre on Friday, March 9 between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. with callbacks on Saturday and Sunday, between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Additional auditions will be held in Seattle on March 17 (by appointment). Video submissions will be accepted; however, preference will be given to those who audition in person.

Performers are asked to prepare an audition of no more than 3 minutes in length – either one song, one song and one monologue, or two contrasting songs. Headshots and resumes are welcome but not required. If performers are called back they will be asked to sing from the score and read from the script. Some actors will be asked to attend a dance call at callbacks. All actors will be considered for both productions unless noted otherwise on their audition form. Performers of all types (ethnicity, race, gender, or disability) are encouraged to audition.

Annie will be in rehearsals July 7-26 (nights and weekends) with eight performances between July 27 and August 5. The following paid roles are available for Annie:

  • ANNIE: Female (10-12) Orphan. Tough, smart, and vulnerable with a boldly generous spirit. Vocal range: Mezzo.
  • MISS HANNIGAN: Female (35-55) A disillusioned former beauty who drowns her self-pity in hooch and hot baths. Resentful and abusive towards the Orphans. Vocal range: Mezzo.
  • OLIVER WARBUCKS: Male (40-60) A self-made businessman. Intentional and precise with undeniable passion. As big-hearted as he is severe. Vocal range: Baritone.
  • GRACE FARRELL: Female (20-40) Mr. Warbucks’ secretary. Open and warm with a strong maternal impulse. Develops romantic feelings for Warbucks. Vocal range: Soprano.
  • ROOSTER HANNIGAN: Male (20-40) A charming professional criminal. Miss Hannigan’s brother. Vocal range: Baritone.
  • LILY: Female (20-40) Rooster’s girlfriend and partner in crime. Vocal range: Soprano.
  • THE ORPHANS: Female (6-13) MOLLY, PEPPER, KATE, DUFFY, TESSIE, JULY. Street-smart kids with unique backgrounds and personalities.
  • ENSEMBLE: (20-60) All must move well. The ensemble will cover the following roles:
    • BUNDLES: A loveable laundryman
    • FDR: The President
    • DRAKE: Warbucks’ butler
    • LT. WARD: A policeman
    • BERT HEALY: A radio personality
    • LOUISE HOWE: Aide to FDR
    • STAR TO BE: Aspiring actress with a big voice
    • BOYLAN SISTERS: Trio of singing sisters
    • CECILLE & ANNETTE: Maids

9 to 5 will be in rehearsals July 27-August 16 (nights and weekends) with eight performances between August 17-26. The following paid roles are available for 9 to 5:

  • VIOLET: Female (30-50) Company secretary and Mr. Hart’s assistant. Single mother struggling to keep it all together. Ambitious. No BS. Must move well. Vocal range: Mezzo.
  • DORALEE: Female (20-40) A natural beauty with a spitfire personality. Authentic and wildly charming. Southern accent. Must move well. Vocal range: Mezzo.
  • JUDY: Female (30-50) The new girl at the office. Recently separated from her husband. Naive at times yet determined to win at life. Must move well. Vocal range: Mezzo.
  • FRANKLIN HART: Male (35-55) The boss. Devilishly charming. A notorious and unapologetic chauvinist. Vocal range: Baritone.
  • ROZ: Female (35-55) Office know-it-all and brown-noser. Mr. Hart’s eyes and ears – though she longs to be so much more. Great comedic timing. Vocal range: Mezzo.
  • JOE: Male (30-45) A young office accountant and a good guy. Has romantic feelings for Violet. Vocal range: Baritone
  • ENSEMBLE: (20-60) All must move very well. The ensemble will cover the following roles:
    • DWAYNE: Doralee’s husband
    • JOSH: Violet’s son
    • DICK: Judy’s ex-husband
    • TINSWORTHY: The chairman of the board
    • MISSY: Franklin Hart’s wife
    • MARIA: A sweet secretary
    • KATHY: A secretary and office gossip
    • MARGARET: A secretary and office lush

Questions and video auditions may be e-mailed to The latest information can also be found at

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The historic Gesa Power House Theatre is a 300-seat performing arts venue, located in downtown Walla Walla. The 120-year-old building was once the Walla Walla Gas Plant, built to produce coal gas used to light the streets, businesses, and homes of Walla Walla. In 2011 the Gesa Power House Theatre building was transformed into a state-of-the-art playhouse for live performance. The interior design of the theatre was inspired by Shakespeare’s own intimate Blackfriars Theatre in London, England.

The Gesa Power House Theatre is on the Washington State Building Preservation Commission list of State historic buildings and on the National Register of Historic Places. The venue also hosts a variety of other cultural events, musical concerts, and private events (including weddings).

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