Theatre Information:

The Gesa Power House is a 285 seat theatre with 175 seats in the auditorium, 110 in the balcony, with a thrust stage. It is a live room (brick walls and tall metal ceiling) with sharp acoustics.

stage from top floor   click to view PDF drawing

Projector System:

Projector: Epson Pro L1300U Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector with 4K enhancement and standard lens. Produces 8,000 lumens color or white brightness. (Front projection style)
Roland V-1HD Video Switcher with four inputs.

Samsung Blu-Ray 3D DVD Player

Samsung Blue-Ray DVD Player

Light System:

ETC Element Lighting Console. 196 sensor dimmers 2500 Watt with 120 hard wired circuits.

Lighting instrument inventory:

  • 59 Source Four Ellipsoidal (575 watt)
  • 12 Source Four Parnel (575 watt)
  • 15 Source Four Par lights (575 watt)
  • 12 Par 64 (575 watt)
  • 8 8-inch Fernal (575 watt)
  • 2 Source Four I-Cue (575 watt)
  • 1 Beam projector (575 watt)

Additional lighting lenses:

  • 9 50-degree
  • 16 36-degree
  • 30 26-degree
  • 2 10-degree
  • 8 19-degree

Base Light Plot:

Basic Light Plot - Gesa Power House Theatre

Intercom System:

Hard-wired clear-com system with two connections backstage, two connections in light booth, and one connection at sound board.

Sound System:

The sound system offers good coverage and is quite clear and loud (when required). It is not a line-array. Lower stage volumes are very helpful for an enjoyable and well-balanced show. The mix position is in the balcony (audience right) and is not movable. It is attached to stage box via a digital snake (Dante stage box over Cat5e). An iPad is available for mixing throughout the room. Monitors are mixed from the FOH console (no stage split).

Sound Equipment:

Main floor: Two QSC K10 powered speakers plus Two QSC KW181 powered 1×18″ subwoofers (subs wired with mains not on an Aux)

Balcony: Two JBL PRX-712 powered speakers

Monitors: Four QSC K10 powered speakers

FOH console: Yamaha QL5 Digital Console with two Rio Digital 1608 Stage Boxes (64 channels, 32 inputs—10 inputs are allocated to house use and 16 outputs with four allocated for house PA system—and 12 available sends)

Monitors mixed from FOH console (no stage split).
Standard mix position is in balcony, though available to mix from main floor via iPad.
Digital snake from stage box to FOH Balcony mix position (Soundcraft MADI over Cat 5 protocol)

Two analog sub snakes –

  • Downstage 8×4 (all XLR). Snake inputs 1-8 represent inputs 17-24 on FOH console. Sends 1-4 represent Mixes 1-4 on console.
  • Upstage 16×4 (inputs are XLR, sends are ¼” TRS). Snake inputs 1-16 represent inputs 1-16 on FOH console. Sends 1-4 represent Mixes 5-8 on FOH console.

Microphones / Dis

  • 4 Shure Beta 58 ULXD wireless mics (default inputs 25-28 on FOH console)
  • 5 Shure SM 57 microphones
  • 1 Shure SM 58 microphone
  • 1 AKG D112 kick drum microphone
  • 1 Audix D4 drum microphone
  • 4 Sennheiser e614 small diaphragm condenser microphones
  • 1 Radial Pro48 active DI
  • 1 Radial Pro Stereo DI

Loading Dock:

Technical Director:
Contact Becky Hatley at backstage@phtww.org

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