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Best of the 2020 Walla Walla Movie Crush May 22, 2021

The Walla Walla Movie Crush was prepared for the fourth annual festival of short films in July 2020, however, the pandemic had other plans for Walla Walla. Nearly a year later, we are now able to be open for socially-distanced events and are delighted to share the highlights from 2020’s cancelled festival. Gesa Power House Theatre presents a special “Best of the 2020 Walla Walla Movie Crush” screening event on Saturday, May 22.

Just like the annual 3-day festival in July, screenings will be arranged in one-hour thematic segments of short films as follows:

Block #1 (1PM-5PM):

presented by Micki & Bryce Breitenstein

Politicians provide reasons for going to war, historians discuss the geo-political impacts. Too few, however, are concerned or charged with evaluating what happens to the women and men who serve and to those who survive war. Here, American veterans from multiple conflicts and Korean children recall what happened, question why it did and wonder how to move forward healthfully.


Ultimately, we may or may not be judged by a higher power, but while we are alive, it’s up to each of us to hold ourselves and others accountable, spiritually as much as legally. Here, war crimes, acts of censorship, xenophobic policies and climate crises are addressed by individuals eager to balance the books and pull us out of the moral red.


We all have our hang-ups, but our attachment to our smartphones may be moving from habit to addiction. Can we live without them? Here, New Yorkers and Californians, siblings and spouses, technophobes and influencers — heck, even Green Day! —all try to put down their devices or be put down for them.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Three hundred years of humiliation, abuse and deprivation cannot be expected to find voice in a whisper.” Thus, a cry becomes a shout becomes a protest becomes a revolution. Those who shout, eventually, will be heard. Those who remain quiet, ultimately, will lose their voices. Here, BIPOC women and men spill their stories, while white folks whisper theirs…

Block #2 (7PM-10PM):


Do men ever learn how to deal with their emotions properly? Evidence suggests that many men have no idea what do wither their feelings and certainly haven’t found enough outlets for their ire. Here, scientists and students, office workers and buskers, an actor and an entrepreneur all release steam in less than healthy, though sometimes humorous ways.


If music calms the savage breast, what happens when it stops? If we fail to find our daily rhythms, can there only be discord? Here, a municipal school district, a bickering couple, an exiled punk, a troubled drummer and a wary dreamer… face the music and the absence of it.


If you want to round the bases, you’ve got to step into the batter’s box and learn to swing… the right way. Here, an American gigolo, a speed-dater, a co-worker, the cuckold, bros, sistahs, neighbors and the common housefly learn how to get their game on before they get their groove on.

General admission tickets ($10 per block or $15 for a day pass) are available online or by calling the box office at 509-529-6500.

Seating for each screening is capped at 100 patrons, as allowed under Washington’s Safe Start Plan. Additional precautions including required mask use and physical distancing between households will be observed.

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Each Coldwell Banker Office is Independently Owned and Operated